Over the course a century, this townhouse was home to various occupants tracing the course of Brooklyn's growth, ultimately being developed into a home for boys before the townhouse was converted to a two-unit, double triplex.

And in that hundred years, those same occupants incrementally renovated the building, each time adding a new layer to the built fabric – including a thick layer of mustard colored paint to all the existing moldings. We sought to peel all of this back while introducing new building infrastructure and modern amenities.

The project thus became about finding a delicate balance between historical details and ones more contemporary: the dramatic parlor floor mouldings were painted white to bring levity to what could easily have been fusty; the original burled walnut doors were restored to provide the animating feature of the parlor level. New walnut millwork throughout the house pays homage to these details.

Park Slope Residence
Park Slope
4,500 GSF